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MaxPreps/AVCA Players of the Week
MaxPreps/AVCA High School Players of the Week
For the week of Oct. 5 - Oct. 11

5-foot-7 | Sophomore | S
10 Sets Played

Assists: 104
Assists/Game: 10.4
Team Hitting%: 0.254
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 2.1
Aces: 2
Blocks: 2


5-8 | Senior | OH/MH
13 Sets Played
Kills: 63
Kills/Game: 4.85
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 1.92
Receptions: 30
Rcpt/Game: 2.31
Aces: 7
Blocks: 7


6-1 | Senior | MB
7 Sets Played

Kills: 26
Kills/Game: 3.71
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 0.86
Receptions: 3
Rcpt/Game: 0.43
Aces: 5
Blocks: 7

Senior | OH
6 Sets Played

Kills: 30
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 13
Digs/Game: 2.17
Receptions: 11
Rcpt/Game: 1.83
Aces: 5
Blocks: 2

6-1 | Senior | OH/MB/RS
10 Sets Played

Kills: 72
Kills/Game: 7.2
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 2.5
Receptions: 47
Rcpt/Game: 4.7
Aces: 3
Blocks: 2

6-1 | Junior | OH
19 Sets Played
Kills: 95
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 44
Digs/Game: 2.32
Receptions: 62
Rcpt/Game: 3.26
Aces: 4
Blocks: 2

5-10 | Senior | OPP/MB/OH
22 Sets Played
Kills: 69
Kills/Game: 3.14
Digs: 56
Digs/Game: 2.55
Receptions: 110
Rcpt/Game: 5
Aces: 12
Blocks: 9

6-3 | Freshman | OH/OPP/MB
24 Sets Played
Kills: 124
Kills/Game: 5.17
Digs: 44
Digs/Game: 1.83
Receptions: 73
Rcpt/Game: 3.04
Aces: 23
Blocks: 10

Junior | S
17 Sets Played

Assists: 159
Assists/Game: 9.35
Team Hitting%: 0.244
Digs: 45
Digs/Game: 2.65
Aces: 3
Blocks: 7

6-1 | Junior | OH/MB
16 Sets Played

Kills: 68
Kills/Game: 4.25
Digs: 61
Digs/Game: 3.81
Receptions: 65
Rcpt/Game: 4.06
Aces: 5
Blocks: 8

6-2 | Junior | MH
9 Sets Played

Kills: 51
Kills/Game: 5.67
Digs: 20
Digs/Game: 2.22
Receptions: 28
Rcpt/Game: 3.11
Aces: 3
Blocks: 9

Olivia Stant, Mt. Carmel (New Orleans)
6-0 | Junior | OH/RS
11 Sets Played
Kills: 59
Kills/Game: 5.36
Digs: 19
Digs/Game: 1.73
Receptions: 16
Rcpt/Game: 1.46
Blocks: 12

Ava Crane, Dartmouth (South Dartmouth)
5-7 | Sophomore | OH
7 Sets Played

Kills: 27
Kills/Game: 3.86
Digs: 8
Digs/Game: 1.14
Receptions: 33
Rcpt/Game: 4.71
Aces: 10
Blocks: 1

Olivia Kowalkowski, Notre Dame Prep (Pontiac)
5-4 | Senior | L
21 Sets Played

Digs: 162
Digs/Game: 7.71
Aces: 11
Assists: 6
Assists/Game: 0.29

Kira Fallert, Concordia Academy (Roseville)
6-0 | Senior | OH
6 Sets Played
Kills: 39
Kills/Game: 6.5
Digs: 7
Digs/Game: 1.17
Receptions: 15
Rcpt/Game: 2.5
Aces: 4
Blocks: 2

Kennedy Simmons, Lewisburg (Olive Branch)
Senior | S
11 Sets Played
Assists: 127
Assists/Game: 11.55
Team Hitting%: 0.265
Digs: 29
Digs/Game: 2.64
Aces: 3
Blocks: 1

Nyah Wilson, Advance
5-9 | Senior | MH
22 Sets Played

Kills: 113
Kills/Game: 5.14
Digs: 47
Digs/Game: 2.14
Receptions: 73
Rcpt/Game: 3.32
Aces: 6
Blocks: 18

Madeline Gilder, Corvallis
5-11 | Junior | OH
8 Sets Played

Kills: 39
Kills/Game: 4.88
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 1.38
Receptions: 19
Rcpt/Game: 2.38
Aces: 6
Blocks: 3

Whitney Lauenstein, Waverly
6-1 | Senior | OH/MH
15 Sets Played

Kills: 98
Kills/Game: 6.53
Digs: 60
Digs/Game: 4
Receptions: 108
Rcpt/Game: 7.2
Aces: 6
Blocks: 4

New Hampshire
Tory Vitko, Dover
Freshman | S
6 Sets Played

Assists: 44
Assists/Game: 7.33
Team Hitting%: 0.193
Digs: 7
Digs/Game: 1.167
Aces: 8
Blocks: 4

North Carolina
Gerren Tomlin, Davidson Day (Davidson)
Junior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 62
Kills/Game: 6.2
Digs: 35
Digs/Game: 3.5
Aces: 3
Blocks: 2

North Dakota
McKenzie Moser, Bismarck
Senior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 32
Kills/Game: 3.2
Digs: 50
Digs/Game: 5
Aces: 8
Blocks: 2

Makayla Osborn, Heartland Christian (Columbiana)
5-10 | Senior | OH/RS
13 Sets Played

Kills: 104
Kills/Game: 8
Digs: 70
Digs/Game: 5.38
Receptions: 86
Rcpt/Game: 6.62
Aces: 3

Sara Freeman, Moore
5-11 | Sophomore | OH/DS
9 Sets Played

Kills: 22
Kills/Game: 2.44
Digs: 37
Digs/Game: 4.11
Receptions: 44
Rcpt/Game: 4.89
Aces: 4
Blocks: 5

Allie Hueckman, Burns
5-10 | Freshman | OH
8 Sets Played
Kills: 31
Kills/Game: 3.88
Digs: 31
Digs/Game: 3.88
Receptions: 32
Rcpt/Game: 4
Aces: 5
Blocks: 3


Aly Daley, Everett
Senior | MH
11 Sets Played

Kills: 70
Kills/Game: 6.36
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 1.09
Receptions: 15
Rcpt/Game: 1.36
Aces: 3
Blocks: 16

South Carolina
Emily Normand, St. Joseph's Catholic (Greenville)
22 Sets Played

Kills: 101
Kills/Game: 4.59
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 1.27
Receptions: 48
Rcpt/Game: 2.18
Aces: 3
Blocks: 4

South Dakota
Olivia Kieffer, Rapid City Christian (Rapid City)
6 Sets Played

Kills: 26
Kills/Game: 4.33
Digs: 22
Digs/Game: 3.67
Receptions: 51
Rcpt/Game: 8.5
Aces: 3

Amanda Mack, Maryville
6-1 | Freshman | OH
11 Sets Played

Kills: 48
Kills/Game: 4.36
Digs: 30
Digs/Game: 2.73
Receptions: 50
Rcpt/Game: 4.54
Aces: 5
Blocks: 4

Blakely Montgomery, Clear Falls (League City)
5-9 | Senior | S
10 Sets Played

Assists: 101
Assists/Game: 10.1
Team Hitting%: 0.294
Digs: 27
Digs/Game: 2.7
Aces: 9
Blocks: 4

Marci Richins, North Summit (Coalville)
5-9 | Junior | MH/MB
26 Sets Played

Kills: 132
Kills/Game: 5.08
Digs: 78
Digs/Game: 3
Receptions: 79
Rcpt/Game: 3.04
Aces: 11
Blocks: 33

Drew Williams, StoneBridge (Chesapeake)
5-6 | Junior | OH
9 Sets Played

Kills: 28
Kills/Game: 3.11
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 1.33
Receptions: 18
Rcpt/Game: 2
Aces: 16

West Virginia
Leia Harper, Spring Mills (Martinsburg)
Senior| OH
10 Sets Played
Kills: 50
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 20
Digs/Game: 2
Receptions: 29
Rcpt/Game: 2.9
Aces: 3
Blocks: 8

Gianna Vollrath, Fall Creek
6-1 | Junior | MB/OH
14 Sets Played

Kills: 75
Kills/Game: 5.36
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 2
Receptions: 48
Rcpt/Game: 3.43
Aces: 9
Blocks: 19

Tara Maddock, Shoshoni
7 Sets Played

Assists: 82
Assists/Game: 11.71
Team Hitting%: 0.221
Digs: 16
Digs/Game: 2.29
Aces: 2
Blocks: 1

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HIGHSCORE final Top 25 high school football rankings - HIGHSCORE
MaxPreps final Top 25 high school football rankings
Video: Bishop Gorman named Xcellent 25 champions
The Gaels end the season 15-0 and the No. 1 team in nation.

The Bishop Gorman Gaels had one of the toughest non-league schedules we've seen in quite some time and it was no problem for the Las Vegas power.

They beat St. Thomas Aquinas in triple overtime in arguably the best game of the year to cap off their brutal non-league schedule that also included wins over Cedar Hill, Cocoa, Kahuku and St. John Bosco.

They outscored these five opponents 185-75, with four of the five wins by double-digits.

The Gaels enter next season riding the second longest active winning streak in high school football at 54. Win No. 54 came in the Nevada 4A state championship game against a very good Liberty team, and the 84-8 thrashing was probably the best they played all season. It was Gorman's eighth consecutive state title, and also the third straight 15-0 season for the Gaels.

Bishop Gorman has had some great teams in the past but this might have been its best single season. On offense they were led by 4-star Ohio State commit Tate Martell, who finished his senior season with over 3,500 total yards and 62 total touchdowns. Martell finished his career at Bishop Gorman 43-0 record as the starting quarterback. The defense also was lights out this year led by seniors Haskell Garrett and Bubba Bolden, finishing 2016 allowing less than 10 points per game.

MaxPreps Final Xcellent 25 National Football Rankings presented by the Army National Guard
Bishop Gorman finishes the 2016 season as the No. 1 ranked team.
Graphic by Ryan Escobar
Bishop Gorman finishes the 2016 season as the No. 1 ranked team.
1. (1 last week) Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.), 15-0
Season complete. Nevada class 4A state champions.

2. (2) DeSoto (Texas), 16-0
Season complete. Texas 6A-D2 UIL state champions.

3. (3) IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.), 11-0
Season complete.

4. (4) Grayson (Loganville, Ga.), 14-1
Season complete. Georgia class 7A state champions.

5. (5) St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Calif.), 13-2
Season complete. CIF open division state champions.

6. (6) St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 13-2
St. Thomas Aquinas capped off its remarkable season with a 33-25 win over No. 19 Bingham (South Jordan, Utah) in the Geico State Champions Bowl Series in Frisco, Texas. It was the final high school football game of the season and featured two of the best teams in the country. The Raiders won their 10th state championship in school history, joining Bolles (Jacksonville, Fla.) as the only two teams from Florida to have at least 10 state titles in school history. They also became the first team from Broward County to win three state championships in a row after dominating Plant (Tampa, Fla) in the 7A state final.
Season complete. Florida class 7A state champions.

7. (7) Lake Travis (Austin, Texas), 15-1
Season complete. Texas 6A-D1 UIL state champions.

8 (8) DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.), 13-0
Season complete. Washington Catholic Athletic Conference champs.

9. (9) Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.), 13-1
Season complete.

10. (10) American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.), 14-0
Season complete. Florida class 5A state champions.

11. (11) Roswell (Ga.), 14-1
Season complete.

12. (12) St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia), 14-0
Season complete. Pennsylvania class 6A state champions.

13. (13) Saguaro (Scottsdale, Ariz.), 14-0
Season complete. Arizona class 4A state champions.

14. (14) Cass Tech (Detroit), 14-0
Season complete. Division 1 state champions.

15. (15) Centennial (Corona, Calif.), 11-2
Season complete.

16. (17) Trinity (Louisville, Ky.), 15-0
Season complete. Kentucky class 6A state champions.

17. (18) Chandler (Chandler, Ariz.), 13-2
Chandler finished 2016 as one of the hottest teams in the country winning its final 11 games. They were the second to last game this season as they had no trouble with Valdosta (Ga.) in the first game of the Geico State Champions Bowl Series. They won 44-24 behind a strong game from Oregon State bound running back T.J. Green and sophomore quarterback Jacob Conover. Chandler's only two losses this season came against Corona Centennial in its season opener and Mountain Pointe. They avenged the Mountain Pointe loss in the 6A state championship game with a dominant 36-17 win to claim their second state title in three years.
Season complete. Arizona class 6A state champions.

18. (19) East (Salt Lake City), 14-0
Season complete. Utah class 4A state champions.

19. (16) Bingham (South Jordan, Utah), 14-1
Despite losing to St. Thomas Aquinas in the Geico State Champions Bowl Series it was still a great season for the Utah power. The Miners almost made a remarkable fourth-quarter comeback. Trailing 30-0 entering the final 12 minutes, the Miners fell eight points and an onside kick short. Bingham outscored the Raiders 25-3 in the final frame but Aquinas was able to recover the onside kick with under a minute left to seal the deal. Bingham still cruised to a 14-1 record that included winning its third state title in a four year span.
Season complete. Utah class 5A state champions.

20. (20) South Pointe (Rock Hill, S.C.), 14-1

Season complete. South Carolina class 4A state champions.

21. (21) Cocoa (Fla.), 12-1
Season complete. Florida class 4A state champions.

22. (22) Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, Calif.), 15-0
Season complete. CIF division 1-AA state champions.

23. (23) Hoover (Ala.), 12-2
Season complete. Alabama class 7A state champions

24. (24) St. Xavier (Cincinnati), 10-5

Season complete. Division 1 state champions.

25. (25) Aledo (Texas), 16-0
Season complete. Texas 5A-D2 UIL state champions.

Bubble Teams

Union (Tulsa, Okla.), 11-2
Season complete. Oklahoma class 6A-I state champions.

St. Louis (Honolulu), 10-1
Season complete. Hawaii open division state champions.

The Woodlands (Texas), 15-1
Season complete.

Steele (Cibolo, Texas), 14-2
Season complete.

West Orange-Stark (Orange, Texas), 16-0
Season complete. Texas 4A-D2 UIL state champions.
High school baseball: Dylan Lesko, Drake Varnado headline list of HIGHSCORE National Player of the Year candidates - HIGHSCORE
High school baseball: Dylan Lesko, Drake Varnado headline list of MaxPreps National Player of the Year candidates
The high school baseball season is in full swing in some parts of the country while others are just getting underway. States like Florida, Georgia and Louisiana jump into the postseason this week.

That makes identifying candidates for MaxPreps National Player of the Year honors a little bit of a tricky exercise but some standouts have emerged, including pitcher Dylan Lesko of No. 1-ranked Buford (Ga.).

Read on for a look at 10 of the top contenders for high school baseball's highest honor.

Past MaxPreps National Players of the Year
2020 — No award (Pandemic)
2019 — Bobby Witt Jr., Colleyville Heritage (Colleyville, Texas)
2018 — Nolan Gorman, O'Connor (Phoenix)
2017 — Jordan Adell, Ballard (Louisville, Ky.)
2016 — Kyle Muller, Dallas Jesuit (Dallas)
2015 — Joe DeMers, College Park (Pleasant Hill, Calif.)
2014 — Jack Flaherty, Harvard-Westlake (Studio City, Calif.)
2013 — Jack Flaherty, Harvard-Westlake
2012 — Joey Gallo, Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas)
2011 — Dylan Bundy, Owasso (Okla.)
2010 — Stetson Allie, St. Edward (Lakewood, Ohio)
2009 — Matt Hobgood, Norco (Calif.)
2008 — Jake Odorizzi, Highland (Ill.)
Drake Varnado, IMG Academy
Photo by Robbie Rakestraw
Drake Varnado, IMG Academy
Baseball Player of the Year Watch List

Chris Arroyo, Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Fla.)
The ace of the Eagles staff is 9-0 on the season with a 0.97 ERA and 73 strikeouts in 43.1 innings pitched for the team that's reached No. 4 in the nation at one point this season. He threw six, no-hit innings with 13 strikeouts against Monsignor Pace and he threw a two-hitter with 11 strikeouts against Coral Springs.

Dominic Castellano, Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.)
The Tigers' ace is 7-1 with a 1.40 ERA and 75 strikeouts in 45 innings pitched as the Florida squad has been among the best teams all season. He also threw a no-hitter and was one of three pitchers to combine for a second no-hitter. He threw a seven-inning no-hitter against Sarasota, winning 3-0 with  eight strikeouts.

Jake Dresselhouse, St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, Mich.)
The Eaglets' lead-off batter has been a heavy hitter this year. He's bashed seven home runs, including three grand slams, while leading St. Mary Prep to 21 straight wins to begin the season, and 41 in a row dating back to the 2019 season. He's batting .422 with 40 runs scored and 34 RBI.

Jackson Ferris, IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)
He opened the season with a no-hitter against Palmetto and followed that up with a perfect game against Flower Mound (Texas). He had double-digit strikeout totals in his first five games and didn't allow an earned run until his sixth outing. He's 8-0 record with a 0.55 ERA and 86 strikeouts in 50.2 innings pitched.

Cooper Kinney, Baylor (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
The Red Raiders picked up a big win last week, 5-2 over Farragut. Kinney had a double, a home run and three RBI in the win, a performance that has become typical for the Baylor infielder. Kinney is batting .468 with 26 runs, 37 RBI, 16 doubles and seven home runs.

Dylan Lesko, Buford (Ga.)
Lesko has been a force on the mound and at the plate for the No. 1 ranked Wolves. Ranked as the No. 2 junior in the nation by Perfect Game, Lesko is 10-0 on the mound with a 0.26 ERA and 102 strikeouts and 12 walks. His best outings include an 18 strikeout game and he's thrown one no-hitter. On offense, Lesko is batting .412 (35 for 85) with 16 runs, 25 RBI, 7 doubles, a triple and 3 home runs.

Braden Montgomery, Madison Central (Madison, Miss.)
The Jaguars got off to a 24-0 start to the season and rose all the way to No. 3 in the national rankings before falling back following a loss. Montgomery has been key in the Jags' success, batting .459 with 39 RBI, four doubles, five triples and five home runs. He has also been stellar on the mound with a 6-1 record, a 0.39 ERA, and 71 strikeouts. His best outing came against Warren Central when he pitched six, no-hit innings with 16 strikeouts.

Sal Stewart, Westminster Christian (Miami)
After hitting four homers as a freshman and no home runs in a shortened 2020 season, Stewart leads the nation in home runs with 16. A total of 29 of his 42 base hits have gone for extra bases with a 11 doubles and two triples. He's batting .560 with 35 RBI and 39 runs. He came up big in Westminster Christian's win over nationally-ranked Stoneman Douglas with a home run and a pair of RBI.

Drake Varnado, IMG Academy
On a team loaded with potential first-round MLB draft picks, Varnado has been the consistent threat for the Ascenders. He leads IMG starters in batting average (.434), runs (33), hits (36), and home runs (7). He had two home runs in wins over Florence and Montverde Academy.

Jack Walker, Barbe (Lake Charles, La.)
After sitting out his junior season with an arm injury, Walker has returned to form this year leading Barbe to a 35-2 record. He is 12-0 with a 0.44 ERA. In 63.2 innings pitched, has 97 strikeouts. Walker has thrown two no-hitters on the season, including one in the first round of the Class 5A state playoffs.
Best girls high school basketball player in all 50 states - HIGHSCORE
Best girls high school basketball player in all 50 states
The end of November historically means it's time to look toward the upcoming high school basketball season. Yet, plenty of questions surround the start of the high school basketball season as COVID-19 numbers spike across the country.

Still, a number of states have already forged ahead with their hardwood schedules while many more plan to tip-off shortly.

MaxPreps is gearing up for games amid the uncertain time in the country. We've already dropped our preseason MaxPrep Top 25 rankings, and earlier this week announced the top high school basketball team in all 50 states. Today, we take a look at the individuals who stand out in each state.

Top stars Azzi Fudd, Saniya Rivers, Jersey Wolfenbarger and Aaliyah Moore are among the headliners, with plenty of talent spread throughout the country.

Read on to see who took home the top spot in your state.
Jersey Wolfenbarger, Northside
File photo by Michael Woods
Jersey Wolfenbarger, Northside
Sara Puckett, Sr., Muscle Shoals
A 6-foot-2 forward who's solid inside and out, Puckett is just as comfortable in transition as she is in the half-court. She'll take her all-around game to Tennessee next year.

Sayvia Sellers, So., Anchorage Christian (Anchorage)
An athletic point guard who can score at the rim or from the perimeter, Sellers runs the show for Alaska's top team. Expect college coaches to figure out how to fly to Anchorage sooner rather than later.

Jersey Wolfenbarger, Sr., Northside (Fort Smith)
One of the top players in the country, a 6-5 guard who can distribute and score — and who will make Arkansas a lot better when she arrives next year.

Jennah Isai, Jr., Valley Vista (Surprise)

A tough, physical 6-0 combo guard who can not only get her own shots, but makes everyone around her better. She's a big reason Valley Vista starts the season in the MaxPreps Top 25.

Juju Watkins, So., Windward (Los Angeles)

You'd think that a state as big as California would have some outstanding seniors — and it does — but the 6-0 sophomore is the complete package, and the Golden State's best heading into 2020-21.

Allie Palmieri, Sr., Greens Farms Academy (Greens Farms)

She averaged 24.2 points and 8 rebounds last year, which made it easy for Boston College to decide to sign the 5-9 guard.

Lauren Betts, Jr., Grandview (Aurora)

At 6-7, it's not surprising that Betts is a rim protector, but she can get up and down the court as well. And in an age of 3-point specialists, she's a force on the block.

District of Columbia
Azzi Fudd, Sr., St. John's (Washington, D.C.)

Fudd can do it all at both ends of the floor, which is why she's everyone's preseason pick as Player of the Year, and the prize recruit for Geno Auriemma and UConn.

India Johnston, Sr., Caravel (Bear)

The athletic, aggressive 5-8 point guard, a Towson State signee, is too much for the rest of the Diamond State to handle.

O' Mariah Gordon, Sr., Braden River (Bradenton)

Think Allen Iverson, but more willing to give the ball up, and you've got a mental picture of the 5-5 Florida State signee.

Raven Johnson, Sr., Westlake (Atlanta)

If you like winning, you like Johnson, who will do whatever it takes — score, defend, pass — to get the W. Dawn Staley and South Carolina are excited to have her for next season.

Lily Lefotu Wahinekapu, Jr., 'Iolani (Honolulu)

Wahinekapu is another in a long line of tough, talented Hawaii guards who make it clear there's plenty of talent in the middle of the Pacific.

Naya Ojukwu, Jr., Mountain View (Meridian)

Meridian went 29-4 last year, and Ojukwu, a 6-1 athletic power forward who controls the paint, was a big reason why.

Greta Kampschroeder, Sr., Naperville North (Naperville)

A consummate scoring guard who can dish when needed, Kampschroeder will take her all-around game to Oregon State next year.

Ayanna Patterson, Jr., Homestead (Fort Wayne)

Homestead was 29-2 last year, and the 6-2 Patterson — who adds a mid-range jumper to her heavy lifting around the basket — looks to keep the Spartans in Indiana's upper echelon again this season.
Ayanna Patterson, Homestead
File photo by Julie Brown
Ayanna Patterson, Homestead
Grace Larkins, Sr., Southeast Polk (Pleasant Hill)

Larkins is a feisty, attacking guard who led Southeast Polk to a 19-5 record last season — and she'll play for South Dakota in 2021-22.

Payton Verhulst, Sr., Bishop Miege (Shawnee Mission)

She's smooth, skilled and versatile, and was a major contributor to Bishop Miege's 21-2 record last year. She'll play for Louisville next season.

Brooklyn Miles, Sr., Franklin County (Frankfort)

An athletic point guard who attacks the basket — even if she is only 5-6 — Miles will play for Tennessee in 2021-22.

Mikaylah Williams, So., Parkway (Bossier City)

Just a sophomore, scouts consider Williams college-ready right now. She averaged 20 points and nine rebounds a game as a freshman for a 24-win team, so clearly her name is one to remember.

Emily Archibald, Sr., Kennebunk

A 6-2 power forward, Archibald averaged 13.5 rebounds a game to go along 20.0 points and 3.5 assists, so it's not a surprise Providence snapped her up.

Caroline Ducharme, Sr., Noble & Greenough (Dedham)

A 6-2 wing who can shoot is special, but Ducharme has an all-around game to go along with the sweet stroke. She'll play for UConn next season.

Saylor Poffenbarger, Sr., Middletown

At 6-2, Poffenbarger is a guard, not a post, and she's a shooting guard at that. She's also a solid all-around player who will join a loaded UConn freshman class next year.

Damiya Hagemann, Sr., Edison Academy (Detroit)

Edison has emerged as one of the top teams in the country the last few seasons, and it's no coincidence that the 5-8 Hegemann's arrival to play the point occurred at the same time. She'll play for Michigan State.

Adalia McKenzie, Sr., Park Center (Brooklyn Park)

McKenzie is proof there's more to Minnesota basketball than Hopkins, as the Illinois signee averaged 31 points and 11 rebounds a game for 24-5 Park Center.

Bella Fontleroy, Jr., Kickapoo (Springfield)

A 6-1 wing, Fontleroy can get to the rim and finish in the mid-range, but is especially effective in transition.

Debreasha Powe, Jr., Meridian

Meridian went 29-2 last year, thanks in great part to Powe, a 6-0 wing who uses her athleticism to attack the basket.

Mya Hansen, Jr., Billings Central Catholic (Billings)

A polished lead guard who can shoot it, Hansen led Billings Central to a 21-2 record, and has already committed to the Lady Griz of Montana.

North Carolina
Saniya Rivers, Sr., Ashley (Wilmington)

Rivers' high school stats match her elite ranking — 25.0 points, 11.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 6.3 steals per game — which is why Dawn Staley is ecstatic to have her signed with South Carolina.

North Dakota
Logan Nissley, So., Century (Bismarck)

Nissley does it all for Century, which went 21-4 last year. The 5-10 combo guard can pass, score and rebound, and has three more years to bedevil opposing teams in North Dakota.

Allison Weidner, Sr., St. Francis (Humphrey)

An explosive slasher who plays hard, Weidner is the engine that drives St. Francis (25-3 last year) — and the 5-9 guard will bring the same package to Nebraska next season.

New Hampshire
Isabella King, Sr., Bedford

King, a 5-8 guard, not only is a shooter, she's also a rebounder — and the combination of skills is one reason she's signed with Bucknell.

New Jersey
Olivia Miles, Sr. Blair Academy (Blairstown)

Many consider Miles the USA Basketball point guard of the future, as she shines at every level of competition (club, high school, USA Basketball). Notre Dame looks for that trend to continue in college basketball next year.

New Mexico
Viane Cumber, Sr. Sandia (Albuquerque)

Cumber averaged 22.4 points, 10.6 rebounds and 2.5 assists for 21-5 Sandia last year, but her college destination is unclear after she decommitted from Texas Tech.

Aaliyah Gayles, Jr., Spring Valley (Las Vegas)

Gayles is that unusual point guard who not only can score and dish, but also rebounds (6.4 a game last year for a good Spring Valley team). Given her size (5-8) and athleticism, look for more of the same this season.

New York
Sonia Citron, Sr., Ursuline (New Rochelle)

Citron doesn't dazzle, she just does everything really well — and at 6-1, she's not only a stalwart for USA Basketball youth teams, she's expected to step right in at Notre Dame next year.

KK Bransford, Jr., Mount Notre Dame (Cincinnati)

At 5-10, Bransford doesn't profile as a power player, but that's exactly who she is. She uses her strength and physicality to get to the rim, and is pretty much unstoppable at the high school level.

Aaliyah Moore, Sr., Moore

No, they didn't name the high school after her, but Aaliyah Moore has definitely made an impression with her size (6-2) and physical play around the rim. She'll go to Texas next year.

Audrey Roden, Sr., West Linn

Roden does a lot of things well, and plays bigger than her 5-8 size would suggest, which adds rebounding to her ability to score (17.2 ppg), pass and defend. She's committed to Nevada.
Audrey Roden, West Linn
File photo by Mark Jones
Audrey Roden, West Linn
Aislin Malcolm, Jr., Chartiers Valley (Bridgeville)

Malcolm has the usual statistical profile for players on this list, but there's one fact that sets her apart: She has not lost a game in her high school career.

Rhode Island
Amaya Dowdy, Sr., St. Raphael Academy (Pawtucket)

Dowdy is a physical power forward who gets a lot done in the paint, but she's also versatile enough to make plays on the perimeter. She will play for UMass-Lowell next season.

South Carolina
Milaysia Fulwiley, So., Keenan (Columbia)

Fulwiley's dazzling numbers as a freshman — 26.4 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.3 apg, 6.1 spg — are impressive, and she passes the eye test with flying colors as well. She's one of the top recruits in the country in the Class of 2023.

South Dakota
Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda, Jr., Washington (Sioux Falls)

The game is as long as the name, as Mwenentanda uses her 6-1 size to attack the rim, and her athleticism to make an impact all over the floor.

Denae Fritz, Sr., Maryville

The 5-11 wing averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds a game last season, but her intensity and versatility add even more value. She'll play for Iowa State next season.

Rori Harmon, Sr., Cypress Creek (Houston)

Harmon can shoot (38 percent from 3-point distance), score (15.6 ppg), pass (5.2 apg) and at 5-8, rebound (5.6 rpg). She's committed to Texas.

Timea Gardiner, Jr., Fremont (Plain City)

At 6-2, Gardiner is a force inside, delivering 14.7 ppg and 6.7 rpg last year. But even more impressive for a post (or any other position) was her 87 percent from the free-throw line.

Catherine Gilwee, Sr., Champlain Valley Union (Hinesburg)

A 5-6 point guard, Gilwee ran the show for unbeaten Champlain Valley Union last season, and added 3-point marksmanship as well. She'll play for Vermont next year.

Aziaha James, Sr., Princess Anne (Virginia Beach)

James did it all for powerhouse Princess Anne last year — 18.7 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 4.7 spg — and North Carolina State will be looking for more of the same in 2021-22.

Talia Von Oelhoffen, Sr., Chiawana (Pasco)

Von Oelhoffen, who committed to Oregon State after averaging 26.2 ppg last year, has athleticism in her genes: Her father Kimo played in the NFL for 14 years.

West Virginia
Dionna Gray, Jr., Huntington

Gray transferred from St. Joseph Central, a nationally ranked team last year, and immediately upgraded the Huntington program. The 5-3 floor general is quick, active, athletic and has a high basketball IQ.

Maty Wilke, Sr., Beaver Dam

The best player on the state's perennial powerhouse, Wilke has a smooth jumper but also is fine with seeking out contact. She's committed to Wisconsin.

Brenli Jenkins, Jr., Rock Springs

At 5-7, Jenkins is a point guard who can handle, shoot and get to the rim, which gives opponents few options. She's also a solid defender, which just adds to the package.
High school basketball: No. 1 girls prospect Azzi Fudd commits to UConn - HIGHSCORE
High school basketball: No. 1 girls prospect Azzi Fudd commits to UConn
St. John's (Washington, D.C.) high school basketball star Azzi Fudd, the No. 1-ranked prospect in the Hoopgurlz/espnW Top 100, has signed with UConn. The senior guard announced her commitment to the program Wednesday morning – the first day of the national signing period – and the Huskies made it official with a social media post a short while after.

"They make good players great," Fudd said of her college choice. "I realized that to reach my goals and be the player I was trying to be, UConn was the place."
The 5-foot-11 Fudd was the first sophomore to be named the MaxPreps Player of the Year in 2019, averaging 26.3 points per game in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.

Her junior season wasn't quite the follow-up she was hoping for as she recovered from a torn ACL. Fudd did return to the court, but wasn't fully healthy until late in the year when she once again began to dominate.

Fudd is much more than just a scorer. Her high school coach, Jonathan Scribner, has described her as "a silent assassin. She's not demonstrative – she just methodically destroys you."

He also feels she's an exceptional defense player, but don't think it's a coach overrating his own player – college coaches and rating services have raved about her talent since she was in middle school.

Fudd chose UConn over UCLA in what she described as a back and forth process.

"I do not like to make decisions, so I kind of elongated the process," Fudd said. "Finally I sat down and made a list of pros and cons for UCLA and UConn – and UConn was the winner."

When she arrives in Storrs next fall, she will join a young UConn team (six players are freshmen this season and there are no seniors on the roster), but is still expected to have an immediate impact on one of the best teams in the country.
Azzi Fudd in action against Sidwell Friends last March.
Photo by Phil Peters
Azzi Fudd in action against Sidwell Friends last March.