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Sports with fans in attendance take place Monday as high school baseball gets underway in Iowa - OFFICIAL
Sports with fans in attendance take place Monday as high school baseball gets underway in Iowa
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Christmas came early for high school sports fans in Iowa as baseball and softball players returned to the field Monday after a month-long delay due to the coronavirus.

Pleasant Valley defeated Assumption (Davenport) 3-2 in one of the first of 97 games scheduled on the opening day of the baseball season in Iowa and MaxPreps photographer Mandy McGlothlin was on hand for the action.
Pleasant Valley players take the field during the National Anthem.
Photos by Mandy McGlothlin
Pleasant Valley players take the field during the National Anthem.
Monday's contests mark the first games since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered many state basketball tournaments and spring sports schedules. Fans in Iowa, and no doubt across the land, can rejoice at the return of high school athletics.

Iowa, which plays a summer baseball season that normally starts in late May, is the first state to resume athletic competition at the high school level since the coronavirus shut down all high school play in mid-March. At least a hundred games are scheduled each day throughout the state for the coming week with most teams playing doubleheaders.

The regular season is going to be a short one with Iowa expected to begin postseason play on July 9 at the 1A level, July 11 for Class 2A and July 17 for Class 4A and 3A. State championship games are scheduled for Aug. 1.
Fans were permitted to attend the game at Assumption High School in Davenport.
Fans were permitted to attend the game at Assumption High School in Davenport.
A Pleasant Valley player watches his hit.
A Pleasant Valley player watches his hit.
Two Pleasant Valley players celebrate the victory.
Two Pleasant Valley players celebrate the victory.

High school football: Valdosta program hit with $7,500 fine, postseason ban for using ineligible players - OFFICIAL
High school football: Valdosta program hit with $7,500 fine, postseason ban for using ineligible players
Valdosta (Ga.), the winningest high school football program in history, was hit with a historic punishment this week by the Georgia High School Association over alleged recruiting violations and lack of institutional control, according to media reports.

The school was fined $7,500 and the football team banned from the 2021 postseason as five players from the 2020 team were deemed ineligible. Valdosta finished 7-5 last season and reached the AAAAAA semifinals. The school's 939 wins are the most in prep history, though victories with ineligible players become forfeits.

Valdosta coach Rush Propst remains on administrative leave last month after allegedly asking former booster club director Mike Nelson for "funny money" to help recruits and their families with rent and other expenses.

GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines announced the fines as $1,000 for each of the five ineligible players as well as $2,500 for "lack of institutional control."

"The evidence is clear that this is not an isolated instance (of recruiting) and that Coach Probst (sic) and members of the Valdosta Touchdown Club have on other occasions contacted other student athletes or their families and provided gifts of money, payment of utilities and housing incentives in an attempt to persuade those student athletes to transfer to Valdosta High School," Hines told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Among the ineligible players was Jake Garcia, who transferred to Valdosta from California. He played one game for Wildcats before being declared ineligible and transferring to Grayson, where he helped the Rams to a AAAAAAA title. Garcia is now enrolled at the University of Miami.

Propst owns a career record of 299-92 and has won seven state titles during a high-profile, 30-year, seven-school career that included an eight-year stint at Hoover (Ala.), which was featured on MTV's popular "Two-A-Days" reality show. He resigned there in 2007 mired in controversy, and was dismissed from Colquitt County (Moultrie, Ga.) in 2019 after more alleged impropriety.

The school has seven days to appeal to the GHSA.

Propst declined comment on any allegation or GHSA's ruling, but told the AJC, "We've got to let the (appeals) process play out, and we respect that process, and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this."
Rush Propst, Valdosta
File photo by Gary McCullough
Rush Propst, Valdosta

High school baseball: No-hit king Nolan Ryan among pitchers with at least 500 career strikeouts - OFFICIAL
High school baseball: No-hit king Nolan Ryan among pitchers with at least 500 career strikeouts
David Clyde of Westchester (Houston) was a high school legend in the early 1970s and his resume includes a multitude of records in the National Federation of High Schools record book, including the mark for career strikeouts with 842. Except that depending on how you determine career strikeouts, Clyde is not Nos. 1 or 2 or even third or fourth.

In fact Clyde comes in behind Mississippi hurler Ronnie Richardson, a pair of Iowa pitchers in Bill Varner and Mike Boddicker, and Oklahoma leader Mark Turner. They are among the pitchers featured in the MaxPreps list of pitchers with over 500 career strikeouts.

To be fair, Clyde does hold the record for a four-year career, which is what the National Federation of High Schools recognizes. However, if a fifth year is included, Richardson moves into the top spot with 856 strikeouts.

Then, if you include pitchers from the schools in Iowa and Oklahoma that play both a summer and fall season (and in some cases a spring and summer season), then you have to include Varner, Turner and Boddicker.

Under these circumstances, Varner set the national record with 1,042 strikeouts in his four years at Decorah, graduating in 1970. He played three spring seasons to go with four summer seasons. Turner had 917 strikeouts in three fall and four spring seasons for Vanoss in Oklahoma from 1989-92.

Boddicker topped Varner for the all-time lead in Iowa, and the nation, with 1,122 strikeouts from 1972-75 while at Norway. Boddicker played three fall seasons to go with four spring seasons. The MLB All-Star also holds the record for most all-time wins with 79 (with all seasons considered). Boddicker went on to earn American League Conference Series MVP honors in 1983 en route to helping the Baltimore Orioles win the World Series.

Clyde also played professionally after being selected by the Texas Rangers with the first overall pick in 1973. Twenty days after pitching his final high school game, Clyde started for the Rangers and won his first MLB outing. Injuries marred his career, however, and he finished with 18 wins and 33 losses.

The first player to record 500 career strikeouts during a spring-only career is believed to be Francis Vidrine, who had exactly 500 while at Seligman (Ariz.) from 1955 to 1958. None other than MLB all-time strikeout leader Nolan Ryan of Alvin (Texas) became the all-time leader in 1965 with 510 strikeouts. Future California Angels teammate Lloyd Allen of Selma (Calif.) topped Ryan with 588 strikeouts upon graduation in 1968. Gene Carfrey of Westfall (Williamsport, Ohio) raised the record to 649 strikeouts in 1969 and then Clyde raised it to 842 in 1973. Richardson has held the spring record ever since 1987.

Another Mississippi pitcher, Randolph Salters of Mooreville, might have broken Clyde's records in the mid-1980s, but his career numbers are unavailable. According to former coach Rex Berryman, in an e-mail to MaxPreps, all of his records and scorebooks were inadvertently destroyed by contractors when Mooreville moved from the old gym to the new gym in 1988.

Salters holds the national record for single season strikeouts, although that total is up for dispute. Three different stories by the Clarion Ledger list Salters with 344 strikeouts, 366 strikeouts and 381 strikeouts during a 25-4 season. The 381 total is the most likely total since the Clarion Ledger ran a story about Salters on May 23, 1985, listing him with 366 and he then pitched in the championship game on May 25, striking out 15.

Salters struck out somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 batters as a junior, but exact totals are unavailable. His sophomore and freshman season are also unknown and he finished his career with a record of 53-9.

With new rules restricting the amount of batters a pitcher can face in a week (Salters once pitched 27 innings in four days in the state tournament), it's unlikely anyone will top the totals amassed by Clyde, Richardson, Varner, Turner and Boddicker. The most recent addition to the list is Bubba Gomez of Fremont Christian (Fremont, Calif.), who had 569 strikeouts between 2016 and 2019. That's still nearly 300 strikeouts away from the spring record.

Sources for the list include the NFHS record book, state association record books, coaches association record books,, Mississippi Baseball Record Book by John Smillie, and the Cal-Hi Sports Record by Mark and Nelson Tennis.
Bubba Gomez, Fremont Christian
File photo by Jim Malone
Bubba Gomez, Fremont Christian
Pitchers with 500 or more career strikeouts (spring only)

1.   856 — Ronnie Richardson, Lee (Columbus, Miss.), now Columbus (Miss.), 1983-87
2.   842 — David Clyde, Westchester (Houston), now closed, 1970-73
3.   734 — Jerry Boldt, Woodlawn (Chicago), 1979-83
4.   729 — Allen Rath, Highland (Riverside, Iowa), 1983-86
5.   690 — Brad Howard, Oakdale (Tenn.), 1992-96
6.   680 — Kelly Owens, Junction City (Ark.), 1979-82
7.   662 — Jordan Ray, Hillcrest (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), 2005-08
8.   661 — Steve Fink, Kee (Lansing, Iowa), 1970-73
9.   658 — Jaime Sepeda, Sinton (Texas), 1986-89
10. 651 — Tyler Stovall, Hokes Bluff (Ala.), 2005-08

10. 651 — Paul Morse, Danville (Ky.), 1988-92
12. 649 — Gene Carfrey, Westfall (Williamsport, Ohio), 1966-69
13. 646 — Craig Van Hulzen, Apple Valley Christian (Apple Valley, Calif.), 1987-90
14. 644 — David Flattery, St. Edmond (Fort Dodge, Iowa), 1974-77
15. 640 — David Mabe, East Surry (Pilot Mountain, N.C.), 1981-84
16. 637 — Pat Underwood, Kokomo (Ind.), 1971-74
17. 626 — Brian DuBois, Reed-Custer (Braidwood, Ill.), 1982-85
18. 623 — Mike Wisniewski, Bangor (Mich.), 1991-94
19. 612 — Tyler Sander, Okoboji (Milford, Iowa), 2000-03
19. 612 — Jon Peters, Brenham (Texas), 1986-89

21. 606 — Todd Neibel, Waltonville (Ill.), 1980-83
21. 606 — Bert Neff, Mooresville (Ind.), 1990-93
23. 598 — Will Inman, Tunstall (Dry Fork, Va.), 2002-05
23. 598 — Manuel Mendez, Washington Union (Fresno, Calif.), 1990-92
25. 597 — Matt Tomso, Mt. Olive (Ill.), 1987-90
26. 593 — Steve DeRoos, Wheeler (Valparaiso, Ind.), 1984-87
27. 590 — Gunner Baker, Carlisle (Price, Texas), 2010-13
28. 589 — Larry Knight, Lookout Valley (Chattanooga, Tenn.), 1978-80
29. 588 — Lloyd Allen, Selma (Calif.), 1965-68
30. 587 — Schuyler Tripp, Davis County (Bloomfield, Iowa), 2002-05

31. 586 — Mike Mercer, Nishna Valley (Hastings, Iowa), 1980-84
32. 585 — Cody Reed, Ardmore (Ala.), 2011-14
33. 583 — Nate Wernette, Morley Stanwood (Morley, Mich.), 2000-03
34. 580 — Brennen Milby, Green County (Greensburg, Ky.), 2008-13
35. 578 — Ron Robinson, Woodlake (Calif.), 1977-80
36. 575 — Ryno Bethel, Willcox (Ariz.), 1998-2001
37. 572 — David Dinsmore, Reese (Mich.), 2000-03
38. 569 — Bubba Gomez, Fremont Christian (Fremont, Calif.), 2016-19
39. 568 — John Tolson, Decatur Central (Indianapolis), 1998-2001
40. 566 — TJ Prunty, St. Paul Academy (Minn.), 1996-2000

40. 566 — Bob Goodyear, Lutheran (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1971-73
42. 564 — Jake Forrester, Umpqua Valley Christian (Roseburg, Ore.), 2011-14
43. 555 — Todd Malone, Casa Roble (Orangevale, Calif.), 1986-88
44. 553 — Tom Underwood, Kokomo (Ind.), 1969-72
44. 553 — Kevin Waldrum, Millsap (Texas), 1996-97
44. 553 — Steve Streater, Sylva-Webster (N.C.), now Smoky Mountain (Sylva, N.C.) 1974-77
47. 552 — Will Jostock, Lapeer West (Lapeer, Mich.), 2001-04
48. 551 — Ben Van Ryn, East Noble (Kendallville, Ind.), 1987-90
49. 550 — RA Dickey, Montgomery Bell Academy (Nashville, Tenn.), 1990-93
50. 548 — Alec Carney, Webster Christian (Webster, N.Y.), 2002-06

50. 548 — Gregg Johnson, Moorehead (East Monona, Iowa), now West Harrison (Mondamin, Iowa) 1983-85
52. 547 — Richy Harrelson, Iuka (Miss.), now Tishomingo County (Iuka, Miss.), 1988-92
53. 546 — Josh Collmenter, Homer (Mich.), 2001-04
54. 545 — Nick Stiles, Bath (Mich.), 2009-12
55. 542 — Able D'Loera, Grant (Oklahoma City, Okla.), 1998-2001
56. 541 — Del Howell, American Christian Academy (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), 2002-06
56. 541 — Chris Schoon, Anamosa (Iowa), 1974-77
58. 540 — Jerome Hammontree, Sperry (Okla.), 1987-90
59. 535 — Ryan Keaffaber, Northfield (Wabash, Ind.), 2010-13
59. 535 — Thomas Mitchell, Bladenboro (N.C.), 1997-2000

61. 531 — Sam Traver, Potterville (Mich.), 2012-15
61. 531 — Bob Rossi, Corning West (N.Y.), 1969-72
63. 528 — Drew Henson, Brighton (Mich.), 1995-98
64. 526 — Jeff Granger, Orangefield (Texas), 1987-90
65. 525 — Mike Taylor, Iowa Falls (Iowa), 1973-76
65. 525 — Logan Ehlers, Nebraska City (Neb.), 2007-10
67. 524 — Guy Finch, Clarksville (Ind.), 1975-78
68. 523 — Keith Creel, Duncanville (Texas), 1974-77
68. 523 — Kirk Benda, Decorah-North Winneshiek (Decorah, Iowa), 1980-81
70. 521 — Aron Cornett, Concord (Ark.), 2002-04

70. 521 — Ty Henderson, Webber (Bluford, Ill.), 2010-13
70. 521 — Steven Rice, Crawfordsville (Ind.), 2007-10
73. 520 — Brian Bohanon, North Shore (Houston), 1984-87
74. 519 — Drew Tanner, Coffee (Douglas, Ga.), 1979-82
74. 519 — Justin Willoughby, Princeton (N.C.), 1993-96
76. 518 — Ryan Ellison, Isabella (Maplesville, Ala.), 2000-04
76. 518 — Lesley Piersall, Hutsonville (Ill.), 1995-98
76. 518 — Tom King, La Porte (Ind.), 1970-72
79. 517 — Tyler Howe, Northeast (Goose Lake, Iowa), 2000-04
80. 515 — Doug Bates, J.J. Kelly (Va.), 1980-83

81. 513 — Tony Watson, Dallas Center-Grimes (Dallas Center, Iowa), 2000-03
82. 512 — Chandler Shepherd, Lawrence County (Louisa, Ky.), 2006-11
82. 512 — Joe Goodman, Gilbert (Iowa), 2008-11
84. 511 — Scott Davidson, Redondo Union (Redondo Beach, Calif.), 1986-88
85. 510 — Jim Peterson, Sonora (La Habra, Calif.), 1971-73
85. 510 — Brian Barnes, Roanoke Rapids (N.C.), 1982-85
85. 510 — Kevin Mann, Jackson Center (Ohio), 2003-06
85. 510 — Nolan Ryan, Alvin (Texas), 1963-65
89. 506 — Jon Kirby, Estill County (Irvine, Ky.), 1999-2002
90. 505 — Tim Rogers, Bixby (Okla.), 1975-78

91. 502 — Chad Billingsley, Defiance (Ohio), 2000-03
92. 501 — Chase Reeves, Hamilton (Miss.), 2007-11
93. 500 — Francis Vidrine, Seligman (Ariz.), 1955-58
93. 500 — Harvey Marshall, Floyd County (Floyd, Va.), 1975-79

Top 10 Fall-Spring-Summer combo strikeout leaders
1. 1,122 — Mike Boddicker, Norway (Iowa), 1972-75
2. 1,042 — Bill Varner, Decorah (Iowa), 1967-70
3.    917 — Mark Turner, Vanoss (Ada, Okla.), 1989-92
4.    817 — Will Hunt, Asher (Okla.), 1986-89
5.    757 — Mario Enriquez, Davidson (Okla.), 1986-89
6.    743 — Cal Eldred, Urbana (Iowa), 1983-86
7.    735 — Brett Case, Preston (Okla.), 2000-03
8.    732 — Larry Frakes, Goldfield (Iowa), 1968-72
9.    723 — Kevin Lomon, Cameron (Okla.), 1987-90
10.  687 — Cale Elam, Oktaha (Okla.), 2006-10
Note: It's possible Boddicker and Varner would qualify for the "spring only" list, but their spring-only totals are unknown.
High school basketball: What's next for Emoni Bates after decommitment from Michigan State? - OFFICIAL
High school basketball: What's next for Emoni Bates after decommitment from Michigan State?
Emoni Bates, the No. 1 prospect in high school basketball's Class of 2022, announced Friday via Instagram that he is no longer committed to Michigan State and considering options at the college and pro level.

Bates was a MaxPreps All-American this year despite an abbreviated season at Ypsi Prep Academy (Ypsilanti, Mich.) and has long been considered the top player in the rising senior class according to 247Sports.

As a sophomore, the 6-foot-8 wing led Lincoln (Ypsilanti) to a 19-3 record, averaging 32.4 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 2.2 steals per contest.

Bates appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated at just 15 years old after leading Lincoln to its first state title in program history as a freshman, averaging 28.5 points and 10.2 rebounds per contest.

In 2019-20, Bates became the first sophomore to win Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year honors. He was also named a first team MaxPreps All-American after earning fourth team MaxPreps All-American honors as a freshman.

So what's next for Bates?

A jump to the professional level seems to be the most likely move. Multiple paths for high school prospects to bypass college have emerged, including the NBA G League, which showcased straight-out-of-high-school talents Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga and Isaiah Todd this year.

Should he elect to play in college, DePaul, Florida State, Kentucky and Michigan could be options since they were involved in his recruitment prior to committing to Michigan State.
Emoni Bates in action for Lincoln (Ypsilanti, Mich.) during a January 2020 game at Eastern Michigan University.
Photo by Scott Hasse
Emoni Bates in action for Lincoln (Ypsilanti, Mich.) during a January 2020 game at Eastern Michigan University.

California high school softball: Vanden takes over top spot in OFFICIAL Top 25 Sac-Joaquin Section rankings - OFFICIAL
California high school softball: Vanden takes over top spot in MaxPreps Top 25 Sac-Joaquin Section rankings
In a battle of Top 10 teams Thursday, Vanden (Fairfield) held on to beat Sheldon (Sacramento) 11-8 and climb to the top spot in the MaxPreps Top 25 Sac-Joaquin Section high school softball rankings. The Huskies had 10 hits, including sophomore Jaylee Ojo's section-leading fifth home run in the top of the seventh. But it wasn't enough as junior Hazyl Gray struck out 14, including the final batter of the game.

The Vikings matched Sheldon with 10 hits. Seattle University signee Tai Wilson went 3-for-3 and now has seven base knocks in her first nine at-bats. Vanden jumps five spots, while the Huskies dropped to No. 2 as they bounced back with a 9-6 win over Roseville on Saturday.

Like teams figuring out their pitching rotations, starting lineups, and getting everyone play time, the rankings will see early movement. Five new teams joined this week. Lincoln (Stockton) has caught our attention after a 4-0 start. The pitching combo of junior Peja Goold and sophomore and Daniella Hunter has struck out 38 batters in 28 innings pitched.

Although this upcoming week will see many teams off because of spring break, we will still see some big games that will have a huge impact on the rankings.

Five games to watch

No. 3 Rocklin (4) at No. 2 Sheldon (Sacramento)
No. 5 Del Oro (Loomis) at No. 25 Lincoln


No. 3 Rocklin at No. 13 Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove)

No. 4 Elk Grove at No. 10 Folsom
No. 17 McClatchy (Sacramento) at No. 13 Pleasant Grove
Tai Wilson, Vanden
File photo by Robert Schlie
Tai Wilson, Vanden
MaxPreps Top 25 Sac-Joaquin Section softball rankings

1. Vanden (Fairfield)
3-0 | Last week: 6
The Vikings showed they can do it all in win over Sheldon.

2. Sheldon (Sacramento)
5-1 | Last week: 1
The Huskies have faced five opponents who've been in the Top 25 rankings at some point this season.

3. Rocklin
2-0 | Last week: 4
Senior Brook Thompson threw a 1-0 no hitter over Elk Grove. Freshman Sydney Barker hit a home run for the Thunder.

4. Elk Grove
6-1 | Last week: 2
The only blemish for a tough early season schedule for the Thundering Herd was a 1-0 loss to Rocklin.

5. Del Oro (Loomis)
1-2 | Last week: 3
The Golden Eagles open league play April 7 against Whitney.

6. Vista del Lago (Folsom)
0-0 | Last week: 7
The Eagles get the season rolling with two games this week.

7. St. Francis (Sacramento)
1-1 | Last week: 8
Troubadours have a tough test on Thursday against Inderkum.

8. Roseville
1-2 | Last week: 5
After a 2-1 win over Oakmont, the Tigers lost to Lincoln in extra innings and then to Sheldon on Saturday.

9. Lincoln (Stockton)
1-1 | Last week: NR
The Trojans will have a tough test Tuesday against Tri-City Athletic League rival St. Mary's.

10. Folsom
1-1 | Last week: 11
Emma Falen struck out 13  in complete-game shutout win over Ponderosa. She struck out seven more in two innings of work against Cordova.

11. Oakmont (Roseville)
2-1 | Last week: 12
Marc Watson's Vikings look to be a tough game no matter who they play.

12. Ponderosa (Shingle Springs)
1-1 | Last week: 13
The Bruins fell 2-0 to Folsom, but bounced back with 12 hits and 18 runs in win over Franklin.

13. Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove)
3-0 | Last week: 15
Sophomore Zoe Iverson had three of the Eagles 16 hits in a 15-1 win over Vacaville.

14. Center (Antelope)
1-0 | Last week: 19
Rylei Trujillo struck out 16 in a complete game no-hitter against Oak Ridge.

15. McClatchy (Sacramento)
0-0 | Last week: 24
Big season-opening game Friday against No. 13 Pleasant Grove.

16. Cosumnes Oaks (Elk Grove)
2-0 | Last week: 25
Freshman Marisol Gomez has a pair of doubles and a .833 OBP to start her varsity career.

17. Central Catholic (Modesto)
3-0 | Last week: NR
Sophomore Randi Roelling is mowing opponents down. She's struck out 43 in 17 innings of work.

18. Marysville
1-0 | Last week: 23
Senior Kaylen Galaviz hit a home run and struck out 10 in 5-1 win over Nevada Union.

19. Antelope
1-0 | Last week: 17
The Titans beat Rio Linda 11-6.

20. Tracy
3-2 | Last week: NR
The Bulldogs' two losses were to ranked teams and have impressive wins over Oakdale and Lodi.

21. Oakdale
1-1 | Last week: 14
After 4-2 loss to Tracy, the Mustangs bounced back with a 7-1 win over Merced.

22. Merced
1-1 | Last week: 10
The Bears drop after loss to Oakdale.

23. Vacaville
1-2 | Last week: 20
After a blowout loss to Pleasant Grove to start the season, the Bulldogs played well in the next two games.

24. Granite Bay
3-2 | Last week: NR
The Grizzlies dropped their first two games, but have since rolled off three straight. The team has six early season home runs.

25. Lincoln
2-3 | Last week: NR
The Fighting Zebras have not backed away from competition. After three losses to Sheldon, Elk Grove, and Granite Bay, they have bounced back with two wins, including a 6-5 victory over Roseville.