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High school football: 100 days to kickoff, preseason OFFICIAL Top 25 set to be released June 23 - OFFICIAL
High school football: 100 days to kickoff, preseason MaxPreps Top 25 set to be released June 23
While adjusted spring seasons due to the pandemic are just wrapping up in some pockets of the country, high school football is expected to return to its normal time slot this fall. Here's to hopes that all the things that make prep football a community event on Friday nights can return along with it – bands, cheerleaders, student sections and of course fans.

Kickoff is 100 days away in many states and we will officially begin counting down to what may be the most highly-anticipated high school football season in history with the release of our preseason MaxPreps Top 25 on June 23.

A look at the nation's elite programs will be followed by breakdowns of the top team in every state, biggest games, toughest schedules and top players at every position. Our 2021 preview will conclude in late July with the release of our preseason All-America teams.

Most states have confirmed start dates for the 2021 season. The earliest scheduled thus far is Hawaii on Aug. 6, followed by Alaska and Utah the following week. The season will really pick up steam Aug. 20-21 with more than a dozen states kicking off that weekend.

Last year, Utah kicked off first Aug. 13 and was one of 35 states to complete seasons in the fall. Of those, 31 eventually crowned state champions.
High school football teams around the country can't wait to take the field again this fall.
Photo by Daniel Galarza
High school football teams around the country can't wait to take the field again this fall.
Previewing the 2021 football season

June 23: Preseason MaxPreps Top 25
June 29: Highlighting the nation's top 100 teams
July 1: Best team in all 50 states
July 5: Top 10 biggest games
July 7: Top 10 toughest schedules
July 9: Top 10 quarterbacks
July 12: Top 10 running backs
July 14: Top 10 wide receivers
July 16: Top 10 defensive linemen
July 19: Top 10 linebackers
July 21: Top 10 defensive backs
July 23: Top 10 players
July 26: Preseason Sophomore All-America Team
July 28: Preseason Junior All-America Team
July 30: Preseason All-America Team
OFFICIAL/AVCA Players of the Week - OFFICIAL
MaxPreps/AVCA Players of the Week
MaxPreps/AVCA High School Players of the Week
For the week of Oct. 19-25

6'0" | Freshman | S/RS
12 Sets Played

Assists: 134
Assists/Game: 11.17
Team Hitting%: 0.182
Digs: 18
Digs/Game: 1.5
Aces: 5

5'9" | Senior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 64
Kills/Game: 6.4
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 55
Rcpt/Game: 5.5
Aces: 10

6'1" | Senior | RS/OH
6 Sets Played

Kills: 48
Kills/Game: 8
Digs: 4
Digs/Game: 0.67


6'3"  | Junior | OH/OPP
7 Sets Played

Kills: 41
Kills/Game: 5.86
Digs: 16
Digs/Game: 2.29
Receptions: 23
Rcpt/Game: 3.29
Aces: 6
Blocks: 3

6'4" | Sophomore | RS/OH/MB
4 Sets Played

Kills: 24
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 1.5
Aces: 4
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | S/DS
6 Sets Played

Assists: 72
Assists/Game: 12
Team Hitting%: 0.411
Digs: 8
Digs/Game: 1.33
Aces: 5

5'10" | Senior | MH/OH
5 Sets Played

Kills: 30
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 27
Rcpt/Game: 5.40
Blocks: 4

5'10" | Sophomore | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 73
Kills/Game: 7.3
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 29
Rcpt/Game: 2.9
Aces: 5
Blocks: 1

6'1" | Sophomore | OPP
7 Sets Played

Kills: 35
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 15
Digs/Game: 2.14
Receptions: 16
Rcpt/Game: 2.29
Aces: 4
Blocks: 4

5'10" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played

Assists: 105
Assists/Game: 11.67
Team Hitting%: 0.308
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 2.78
Aces: 1
Blocks: 12

Ryle High School (Union, KY), 15 - 6
6'0" | Junior | OH/S
8 Sets Played

Kills: 47
Kills/Game: 5.88
Digs: 19
Digs/Game: 2.38
Receptions: 37
Rcpt/Game: 4.63
Aces: 2
Blocks: 7

5'9" | Senior
14 Sets Played

Kills: 89
Kills/Game: 6.36
Digs: 49
Digs/Game: 3.5
Receptions: 41
Rcpt/Game: 2.93
Aces: 13
Blocks: 2

Junior | MB
6 Sets Played
Kills: 16
Kills/Game: 2.67
Digs: 4
Digs/Game: 0.67
Receptions: 14
Rcpt/Game: 2.33
Aces: 5
Blocks: 3

6'1" | Senior | OH
8 Sets Played

Kills: 35
Kills/Game: 4.38
Digs: 14
Digs/Game: 1.75
Receptions: 21
Rcpt/Game: 2.63
Aces: 16
Blocks: 1

6'0" | Junior | MH
19 Sets Played

Kills: 93
Kills/Game: 4.89
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 0.63
Receptions: 1
Rcpt/Game: 5.3
Aces: 6
Blocks: 18

5'10" | Sophomore | S
6 Sets Played

Assists: 71
Assists/Game: 11.83
Team Hitting%: 0.341
Digs: 14
Digs/Game: 2.33
Aces: 2

5'11" | Junior | OH/RS
7 Sets Played

Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 6.57
Digs: 34
Digs/Game: 4.86
Receptions: 9
Rcpt/Game: 1.29
Blocks: 3

6'1" | Senior
13 Sets Played
Kills: 85
Kills/Game: 6.54
Digs: 50
Digs/Game: 3.85
Receptions: 51
Rcpt/Game: 3.92
Aces: 2
Blocks: 4

5'9" | Senior | S/RS
7 Sets Played

Assists: 64
Assists/Game: 9.14
Team Hitting%: 0.190
Digs: 19
Digs/Game: 2.71
Aces: 5
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played

Assists: 103
Assists/Game: 11.44
Team Hitting%: 0.439
Digs: 24
Digs/Game: 2.67
Aces: 6
Blocks: 5

New Hampshire
Senior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 26
Kills/Game: 2.6
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 0.6
Receptions: 18
Rcpt/Game: 1.8
Aces: 10

North Carolina
5'10" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played
Assists: 78
Assists/Game: 8.67
Team Hitting%: 0.180
Digs: 29
Digs/Game: 3.22
Aces: 5
Blocks: 5

North Dakota
5'9" | Senior | S
4 Sets Played

Kills: 12
Kills/Game: 3
Digs: 7
Digs/Game: 1.75
Aces: 4
Blocks: 1

6'0" | Senior | MH
7 Sets Played

Kills: 42
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 3.57
Receptions: 24
Rcpt/Game: 3.43
Aces: 4
Blocks: 5

Freshman | OH
11 Sets Played

Kills: 43
Kills/Game: 3.91
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 1.09
Receptions: 5
Rcpt/Game: 0.46
Aces: 7
Blocks: 2

6'0" | Senior | S/OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 67
Kills/Game: 6.7
Digs: 13
Digs/Game: 1.3
Receptions: 11
Rcpt/Game: 1.1
Aces: 6
Blocks: 4

South Carolina
5'11" | Sophomore | OH
8 Sets Played

Kills: 58
Kills/Game: 7.25
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 2.63
Receptions: 14
Rcpt/Game: 1.75
Aces: 3
Blocks: 3

South Dakota
5'8" | Junior | OH
14 Sets Played

Kills: 91
Kills/Game: 6.5
Digs: 34
Digs/Game: 2.43
Receptions: 10
Rcpt/Game: 0.71
Aces: 11
Blocks: 4

5'8" | Senior | OH
11 Sets Playe
Kills: 48
Kills/Game: 4.36
Digs: 39
Digs/Game: 3.54
Aces: 8
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | OH
12 Sets Played

Kills: 69
Kills/Game: 5.75
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 3.5
Receptions: 28
Rcpt/Game: 2.33
Aces: 7
Blocks: 3

6'5" | Sophomore | OH/MB
12 Sets Played

Kills: 62
Kills/Game: 5.17
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 0.92
Receptions: 22
Rcpt/Game: 1.83
Aces: 7
Blocks: 3

5'7" | Junior | OH/DS
4 Sets Played

Kills: 45
Kills/Game: 11.25
Digs: 32
Digs/Game: 8
Aces: 8

West Virginia
5'9" | Sophomore | MH
Kills: 47
Kills/Game: 3.92
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 2.33
Receptions: 37
Rcpt/Game: 3.08
Aces: 9
Blocks: 12

5'10" | Sophomore | OH
12 Sets Played

Kills: 71
Kills/Game: 5.92
Digs: 40
Digs/Game: 3.33
Receptions: 30
Rcpt/Game: 2.5
Aces: 7
Blocks: 1

5'5" | Senior | S
10 Sets Played

Assists: 85
Assists/Game: 8.5
Team Hitting%: 0.178
Digs: 31
Digs/Game: 3.1
Aces: 1

About the MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program
The MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program is a partnership between the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and CBS MaxPreps, Inc. Each week MaxPreps and the AVCA recognize deserving student-athletes at the high school level who have demonstrated outstanding play on the court throughout the week of competition. Coaches must submit statistics to in order for their athletes to be considered for the program. To obtain your free access code to call (800) 329-7324 x1 or email [email protected] For more information on AVCA, check out the AVCA website at
Ohio high school football rankings: No. 1 Pickerington Central continues to roll - OFFICIAL
Ohio high school football rankings: No. 1 Pickerington Central continues to roll
Defending Division I state champion Pickerington Central dominated Groveport-Madison 43-3 on Friday, notching its 18th victory in 19 outings dating back to the start of the 2019 season. The Tigers remain No. 1 in this week's Ohio high school football rankings.

Groveport-Madison beat Central during the regular season a year ago, but the Tigers have exacted their revenge with a playoff victory last November combined with Friday's 40-point thrashing. Pickerington Central has allowed a mere 12 points in four games this fall.

Archbishop Hoban and St. Edward each improved their standing this week, moving to the Nos. 2 and 3 spots, respectively. Those two teams met Sept. 5 with Archbishop Hoban winning decisively 35-0.

The biggest riser among the Top 10 was Chardon (4-0), who jumped 17 spots following a 35-7 win over Riverside.

Ohio Top 25

# School Rec. Str. +/-
1PCHS (Pickerington)4-015.9--
2Archbishop Hoban (Akron)3-022.3+1
3St. Edward (Lakewood)3-150.7+1
4St. Xavier (Cincinnati)2-251.1-2
5Dublin Coffman (Dublin)4-027.9+1
7Central Catholic (Toledo)3-022.4+1
8La Salle (Cincinnati)3-136.9-3
9Washington (Massillon)3-129.8+1
11LWHS (West Chester)4-022.2--
12Northmont (Clayton)4-021.3+7
13Olentangy (Lewis Center)4-020.6+5
14Elder (Cincinnati)2-237.0-5
15St. Ignatius (Cleveland)1-131.6-3
16SJJHS (Toledo)2-133.7-2
17OLHS (Powell)3-131.1+5
18PNHS (Pickerington)3-124.2-2
19Badin (Hamilton)4-011.5+5
22Benedictine (Cleveland)2-239.9-2
23Perry (Massillon)4-018.4+21
High school baseball: 109-0 blowout tops list of highest scoring games - OFFICIAL
High school baseball: 109-0 blowout tops list of highest scoring games
The highest scoring baseball game in high school history was played April 25, 1928 when Atlantic (Iowa) defeated nearby Griswold (Iowa), 109-0, but that's only part of the story. The rest of the story involves a girl, money and bad blood that produced an avalanche of national records and possibly the most lopsided score in all of sports history.

The story begins on March 29, 1928, in Griswold, a small town in eastern Iowa, when baseball coach Phil Morrison decided to go with Alice Buckman as his starting right fielder. The selection of Buckman, "a 15-year old red-headed girl," over nine other boys caused quite a stir across the entire country as the Associated Press carried the story and it appeared in newspapers from the Los Angeles Times to the New York Daily News and all points in between.

Griswold games then became a madhouse with fans coming from far and wide to watch Buckman play. She didn't disappoint, either, getting several hits and fielding her position flawlessly aside from one dropped, wind-blown popup.

Griswold games became a main attraction. Movie crews filmed Buckman's every move. Newspaper articles on Griswold games focused only on Buckman's exploits. Opinion columns across the country praised Buckman's accomplishment. The gate at the first Griswold baseball home game was $75 — that's nearly $1,200 in earnings today. She was asked to throw out the first pitch at a minor league ballgame and she was given a trophy for her "Triumph" at the Elliott Track Relays. She was even given a full-page feature in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

At Atlantic, coach P.G. Russell sought to get a game with Griswold on his home field. In an agreement with Morrison, the two teams would play in Atlantic on April 25 and split the gate 50-50 (one report says the agreement was made the previous fall). Russell anticipated a big crowd and even set up an extra train to run from Griswold to Atlantic to handle the overflow crowd.

Atlantic, it should be noted, was an outstanding team. Undefeated to start the season, Atlantic featured a pitcher, Don King, who had earned all-state honors in the winter while leading Atlantic to a third-place finish in the state basketball tournament. King would play heavily in the matchup against Griswold.

During the week prior to the game, Russell accused Morrison of reneging on their contract, suggesting that Morrison wanted a 60-40 split for Griswold instead of the agreed upon 50-50 cut. Morrison denied the switch, and that's when things began to go downhill. Cries of "commercialization" appeared in newspapers from as far as New Jersey with Morrison denying he was trying to make money off his now nationally famous right fielder.

Morrison then announced the day before the game that Buckman would be unable to play due to an injured finger sustained against Cumberland the game before. Suggesting that he wanted his team to focus on a game the following day against Adair, Morrison pulled his starters, including Buckman, and sent his freshman squad to take on Atlantic.

The results were not pretty. While Atlantic scored only four runs in the first inning, it put 30 across in the second. It scored 12 runs in the third, six runs in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings, 27 in the seventh and 18 in the eighth.

According to Steve Baier, a Cass County Supervisor who has done research on the game, the game was played at Sunnyside Park, which did not have a fence. A rope was utilized to hold back the fans, who formed the outer boundary of the field.

"Griswold's usual left fielder, Johnny Gustin, threw every pitch," said Baier in an e-mail to MaxPreps. "By the eighth inning, Griswold had only seven players on the field. The (nine-inning) game ended in the eighth due to darkness."

The game was an offensive bonanza for Atlantic. Besides bashing out 92 base hits, Atlantic had 16 home runs, five by Ronald Rapp, 26 doubles and seven triples. Atlantic also blazed on the base paths, swiping 113 bases. Griswold, meanwhile, committed 22 errors.

King was the feature player of the game, however. Besides throwing a no-hitter and striking out 16 (other reports say 13), he also led the Atlantic offensive with 15 hits, two home runs, two doubles and 19 stolen bases.

Obviously the game provided a plethora of national records, but only a handful of them are recognized by the National Federation of High Schools Record Book and the Iowa High Schools Athletic Association record book produced by Bud Legg. While most of the team records are listed, none of the individual marks have found their way into the record books.

Chris Boone of the National Federation reported in an e-mail to MaxPreps that the absence of individual records is likely due to the absence of any boxscores to prove the record-breaking marks.

MaxPreps has included two box scores for the game with this story (pictured below). One is from April 27 in the Des Moines Register and includes all of the stolen base and extra base hit totals, but does not including run totals. An accompanying box score from the April 26 Atlantic News Telegraph shows the run totals, but does not include extra base hits.

Some of the statistics were never reported. Game reports do not list any of the players, other than King, who hit doubles. RBI totals are also not available along with any reports of players who might have scored multiple runs or had multiple hits in an inning.

The two teams met later in the season and the score proved to be much closer. With Griswold's starters, including Buckman, on the field, Atlantic posted a 2-1 win.
Boxes scores from the 1928 game show just how lopsided the game between Atlantic and Griswold was.
Graphic by Ryan Escobar
Boxes scores from the 1928 game show just how lopsided the game between Atlantic and Griswold was.
Here are the records for the game that are included in the National Federation of High Schools Record Book:

Most Runs in a Game: Atlantic, 109
Most Runs in a Game, Both Teams: 109 (Atlantic 109, Griswold 0)
Most Doubles in a Game One Team: Atlantic, 26
Most Hits in a Game, Both Teams: 92 (Atlantic 92, Griswold 0)
Most Home Runs in a Game, Both Teams: 16 (Atlantic 16, Griswold 0)
Most Home Runs in a Game: Atlantic, 16
Most Triples in a Game: Atlantic, 7 (ranks No. 2)

However that list doesn't not include at least two other team marks:

Most Stolen Bases in a Game: Atlantic, 113 (current record is 45 by Salome, Ariz.).
Most Runs in an Inning: Atlantic 30 (ranks 9th best all-time according to NFHS)

There are multiple individual records and listmakers from Atlantic that should be included in the record book. Here are the individual record holders according to the NFHS record book and the totals of the players from Atlantic:

Most Individual Hits in a Game: NFHS Record — 10 by L. Townsend, Hanson (Buxton, Maine), 1931. Atlantic stats: Don King, 15 hits; Laine Rose, 11 hits; Leon Pine, 11 hits; Wynn Rentz, 11 hits; Dale Heath, 11 hits; Ronald Rapp, 10 hits.

Most Individual Home Runs in a Game: NFHS Record — 5, done by 8 players, last by John Biggs, Arlington Heights (Fort Worth, Texas), 2009. Atlantic stats: Ronald Rapp, 5 home runs.

Most Individual Runs Scored in a Game: NFHS Record — 10 by Jim Bushkuhl, Dufur (Ore.), 1977. Atlantic stats: Russell Hoffman, 15 runs; Don King, 14 runs; Laine Rose, 14 runs; Leon Pine, 14 runs; Wynn Rentz, 14 runs; Dale Heath, 13 runs; Ronald Rapp, 10 runs; Clyde Hill, 10 runs.

Most Individual Stolen Bases Game: NFHS Record — 12 by Silento Sayles, Port Gibson, Miss., 2013. Atlantic stats: Don King, 19 stolen bases; Dale Heath, 16 stolen bases; Laine Rose, 15 stolen bases; Leon Pine, 14 stolen bases; Clyde Hill, 13 stolen bases; Wynn Rentz, 13 stolen bases.

Most Triples in a Game: NFHS Record — 4 by six players, last by Gehrig Chambless of Legacy Charter (Fla.) in 2016. Atlantic stats: Wynn Rentz, 4 triples.

And finally, a look at the top 10 highest scoring high school baseball games.

10 highest scoring high school baseball games

1. 109 — Atlantic (Iowa) vs. Griswold (Iowa), April 25, 1928

2. 67 — Athens (Ga.) vs. Royston (Ga.), April 23, 1948
Nate Williams hit for the cycle twice, including two singles, two doubles, two triples and three home runs. He also drove in 17 runs against the boyhood home of Ty Cobb. Athens is now Clarke Central (Athens, Ga.)

3. 65Licking Heights (Pataskala, Ohio) vs. Harvest Prep (Canal Winchester, Ohio), April 15, 2013
This game lasted only three innings before it was called due to darkness.

3. 65Grant Union (John Day, Ore.) vs. Prairie City (Ore.), May 23, 2014
In a playoff game, Grant Union scored 20 runs and had 20 hits in one inning in the 65-0 win.

5. 63Dufur (Ore.) vs. Cascade Locks (Ore.), May 17, 1977
Dufur had a state record 38 hits in the game with Scott Kramer knocking in a state record 12 runs and Jim Buskuhl scoring a state record 10 runs.

5. 63 — Hanson (Buxton, Maine) vs. Old Orchard Beach (Maine), April 25, 1931
L. Townsend had 10 base hits, recognized as the national record by the NFHS record book. Hanson closed in 2011.

7. 60Evans (Ga.) vs. Laney (Augusta, Ga.), April 14, 1999
Evans had 42 hits in the game and led 25-0 after the first and 45-0 after the second inning.

8. 58Anderson County (Lawrenceburg, Ky.) vs. Eminence (Ky.), April 7, 2008
Anderson County scored 32 runs in the first inning and finished the game with 44 hits.

9. 57Myrtle (Miss.) vs. Blue Mountain (Miss.), March 26, 2004
Myrtle had 37 hits in the game and scored 28 runs in the third inning.

10. 56Faith Baptist (Canoga Park, Calif.) vs. Pilgrim (Los Angeles), May 11, 1999
Chrisitan Hariot, a freshman, had nine hits, including four home runs and 12 RBI. Julio Bautista had 13 RBI, four doubles and two home runs. Faith Baptist had 50 hits and scored 28 runs in one inning.

Sources for the story include the NFHS record book, various Iowa newspapers, including the Atlantic News Telegraph and the Des Moines Register.
California high school sports: Southern Section to hold spring playoffs - OFFICIAL
California high school sports: Southern Section to hold spring playoffs
California's largest section announced Monday it will hold spring sports playoffs. Now will the other nine sections follow?

The Southern Section, which boasts nearly 600 schools, said it will hold playoffs in baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, team tennis, boys volleyball and dual meet wrestling. It's also working with health officials to conduct individual championships in golf, swimming, tennis, along with track and field.

There is no plans to add playoffs for football, which concludes its six-week season on Saturday. The North Coast Section, one of the other nine in the state, voted last month not to hold playoffs in the spring. That would allow all teams to hold longer regular seasons and more games.

Southern Section commission Rob Wigod made the announcement Monday morning, citing changing California Department of Public Heath guidelines for youth sports.

"As I have stated many, many times over the last year or so, the only constant thing we have had in this ever-changing environment is that things continue to change," Wigod wrote. "Today is no exception, and as we navigate through these latest developments, I am committed to making sure you are informed.

"One of our most important goals was to provide full regular seasons and section championships for those who had lost those opportunities last year. ... We are not done yet in completing this task, but it is a credit to all of you who have remained steadfast in your ongoing efforts to make it all happen."
Baseball teams like Canyon and Valencia now have a chance to play in the postseason following Monday's announcement by the Southern Section.
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea
Baseball teams like Canyon and Valencia now have a chance to play in the postseason following Monday's announcement by the Southern Section.